Discovering My True Choices And Creating New Beliefs Have Changed My Life For The BEST

Hi, my name is Cristi Amble. It’s my passion to help others to reveal their true-selves and learn skills to develop a positive outlook on life. As this is a life long journey, many never start. It’s my goal to reach as many people as I can, and open their eyes to new possibilities.

I have lived life, as most people do, thinking that I had to live by the “rules” I was taught by society to know. I had no idea that I had a choice. I mean I knew I had choices in life but I still had to pick from within a given set of understandings and consequences. I still only knew my learned beliefs, and that’s all I knew to believe, or else…

Long story short, the days came and my belief system started to get questioned. With help, I began to test new ideas and beliefs, my life started to shift into alignment with my true self, who was screaming to come out. Ever since then I have given up old ideas and embraced new beliefs that have led me on this journey to help and serve other people to do just the same.

The biggest thing that I have received along my journey is finding my true self. I was able to get clear with my past and heal my wounds, and I was able to save my relationship with my mother before she passed away. I am so grateful that I didn’t wait to do the work because there was no way I could have known she was going to die from Breast Cancer at age 56. My repaired relationship with my mom has been my #1 accomplishment to this date. It was worth all the work in changing my beliefs and learning to love myself without approval from any other belief system.

Now I am ready to pass on all that I know, have learned, and continue to learn, to others so that they can heal, let go of old ideas, and embrace new beliefs. So that maybe they can reconnect with a loved one before it’s too late for them.

I share my journey in hope to inspire others.