Instagram Followers BoostToday I'm going to talk to you about how to create your own Instagram followers boost. You know, everybody is out there today on Instagram trying to find a way to get the most followers, the most interaction, and people are doing it many ways. So many people are offering different programs, free this, free that, join my team, join this, join that, and nobody knows who to trust and who to follow. Today, I'm going to give you my input on all of this.

First, do not buy followers! That is not a clever idea. When you buy followers, you're usually buying fake accounts. Fake accounts mean fake followers, and when you do that, you're buying people that aren't real, so they're not going to engage with your Instagram page. They're not going to comment on or like your posts. Therefore, you might have a large number of followers, but they're not going to do your account any good because if you have real followers, they're not going to stay with you very long due to the low engagement and interaction. So, that's my first suggestion.

My second suggestion is that you find real people who are really making progress on their own Instagram and do what they're doing. Do what the leaders are doing. Find people who are actually having a cash flow with their Instagram account, and learn from them. If they are offering courses, do what they're teaching.

On that note, I want to introduce to you one of my friends. Her name is April Marie Tucker, and I have a video on this page that I want you to watch. She is going to go over her top 10 suggestions on what she does for gaining Instagram followers, okay? In less than seven months, through all her accounts, she gained over 30,000 followers. She found a way to do this, she realized she found a secret sauce, and then she decided to see if it was duplicatable. So she put together a little program, she found 20 people, and she gave it to them. The ones that took action and did exactly what she did, they each got at least 1,000 targeted followers for free, following her little step-by-step plan. Now she's got this duplicatable action plan for Instagram that she has put together, she has made it even better, vamped it, and it's really exciting.

How To Create Your Own Instagram Followers Boost

In her video, she goes over the top 10 best ways to get free followers, and I’m going to briefly discuss my top 5 of those that I found extremely helpful, but I'm not going to go into detail about them, because there's no point in me explaining them for you because you can just watch her video and let her explain them better. It would be kind of redundant. I'm just going to touch on five of them that I found very interesting. Then I'd like you to watch her video and let her explain all 10 of them to you, okay?

My Top 5 Overview ~ How To Create Your Own Instagram Followers Boost

One of them was to post great content. I think that's kind of a no-brainer, but maybe not. You have to post great content for people to want to follow you. Nobody is going to want tons of pictures of things that don't make sense or is kind of crappy, crappily … That might not be a word, but it's a Cristi-ism word now. A crappily put together, and you know, you have to have good content. Now, how to learn how to create content is a whole another subject. She might touch upon that in the video. I can't remember for sure, but even if she doesn't, you can YouTube that and find great ways to do that. I know I've learned lots of different ways to do it, and you can also outsource that if it's something that is not your thing.

The next thing she touched on was to connect and engage with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche. Now, this is really important for your Instagram following boost, because if there's a popular account out there that has tons of followers, you get in there and start communicating and engaging with people on there, then your name is going to show up. Your face is going to show up. Your Instagram logo is going to show up. People are going to see you. You're going to become recognizable, and that's important. That's engagement, and it's important.

In this next one, it's connecting with people in your target audience, doing the same as the one before. Getting in there and engaging. You become familiar. If you stay hidden and behind the scenes, no one is ever going to know who you are. (You will never see an Instagram following boost) You have to show yourself. You have to communicate with people. You have to become likable. Not pitching. Going out and just engaging. There's a difference.

This one I found very interesting, and it might contain a little more creativity-ness, but it can be done. It's host an Instagram contest. She goes into much more detail with this, but just by running a contest, she got over 2,000 leads in just a week. She says it's very easy to do, and I'm sure, with her help, it would be. It's one that would scare me a little bit, but I'd be willing to do and give it a try to get 2,000 leads. If you're looking to grow your Instagram account, I think that's something that you should look into, too.

The last one I wanted to just touch on was to add a link onto your business card to your Instagram account. Now, I don't have business cards, but if you're a person who is handing out business cards … Maybe you're in real estate or something like that … what a great idea. Then people can see you have Instagram, and like everybody has Instagram. They can connect right there and start following you. That way, you're always freshly on their mind. What a great idea.

My Personal Tip For An Instagram Following Boost

There's the top five that I really liked of her 10. Now, I want to give you one of my Instagram tricks really quick before I go on. Here's what I do, and this is done on the computer. You don't do it on your phone. It's a program, it's free and It's called Gramblr. You just go to, and you download it. This is what it looks like. (I show you how to use it in the video above.)

Instagram Followers BoostNow, you log in, and here's my account. @millionaire legacy is my account. You open it up, and you can post to your Instagram account right here on the computer. I prefer to do everything on the computer versus my phone because I just find it easier. I'm going to go ahead and post my next post and show you exactly what I do. I have my folder pulled up. I'm going to find my picture. I had it pulled up, but it looks like the computer moved it. Give me just a second to find the picture I wanted. There it is. Okay.

I'm just going to drag it over. There it is. Okay? Then I'm going to click save. That's going to pull it up again. You can just double check it. Make sure everything is in there right. All right. I'm going to go ahead … If you wanted to add filters if you had a picture you wanted to do filters on Instagram. I already do my filters and everything ahead of time so it's just ready to post right now. I'm going to go ahead and hit continue. This is where I put in my caption, and my captions I keep really simple. Just type. Okay. Then you can put in … You have your little emojis right here.

After I add my caption I will go to the bottom and add 2 hashtags. You don't want to put a bunch of hashtags on your main screen. I usually put my main hashtag, which is my own. Then I usually come up with one other. Then if you want to add hashtags, I usually do it in the next post.

What's cool about Gramblr is … I'm going to send this post, and it's on its way. Usually, once or twice a day, you're going to get free likes. I'm going to get 75 free likes, so I'm going to hit yes, and there you go. Now, you can also go and earn points. How you earn points is you can go and like other Gramblr's posts. You go in here, and you like. You can only like so many an hour or so many whatever, and it's going to earn your points. Then for so many points, you can then buy likes. You're not buying followers. You're just buying likes, and what it does is it boosts your post. It's a natural way to boost your post. You're not doing anything that's going to bring you fake followers. It's actually going to boost your post and that will increase your Instagram followers boost.

I'm going to go back to here because I actually … I don't use that, but it is great if you post more, multiple times a day. So that is a little trick that I do, and then we'll show you … I'll take you to … There's my Instagram account. I'll refresh it, and you'll see my post. There it is right there. It hasn't had any free likes yet, but it will start soon, within a few minutes. Another refresh. Oh, look. I got one there. Within the next few minutes, I'll be getting more likes. Okay. That is that. All right.

Instagram Followers Boost

What A Steal! ~ How To Create Your Own Instagram Followers Boost

I'm going to go ahead, and talk about something else really quick and wrap it up. With April Marie Tucker's video that I'd like you to watch after this, she's going to go over the best ways to get free Instagram followers, the 10 ways. She's also going to offer you a product. It's the Insta Lead Magic. Now, this product is going to change your life on Instagram. It's going to get you free Instagram followers, lead, sales, and sign ups for your business on autopilot. Now, listen. Before you go, “Oh, wait. This was all just a way to get us to buy something,” this product is literally five dollars, guys. Five dollars. A cup of coffee.

Now, how important is it to grow your Instagram account? All right. To me, it's worth a cup of coffee to grow my Instagram account, to learn how. It's more than that. It's investing in yourself. It's investing in your business. It's investing in learning how to create another cash flow, another income stream, all right? This is important stuff. If you want to learn how to have cash flow into your business, this is how you do it. This lady knows what she's doing. She's offering this at a ridiculously low price, in my opinion. She could sell this for much more, but she's not. It's not because she doesn't think it's worth it. It's because she really … She wants to sell it to only the people who really want it. If she were to do free, people would download it and never really actually use it. If you invest in yourself and you invest money, you're more likely to actually learn the material. That's what it's all about.

Anyways, I would love it if you would watch her video, see what kind of value she brings to you, and if you like what she has, then invest in yourself. Invest five dollars. Get her product, and learn how to create your Instagram following boost and really just get in there and bust a move and … Yeah, I'm a kid of the '80s and '90s. Get in there and bust a move, and get her product. Get your Instagram account flowing, and get some cash flow in there, and learn how to do it.

Let's refresh my screen and see what we've got here. All right. It's up to five. It's kind of slow. It's mid-afternoon here, so that's not the best time to post. I usually post earlier in the morning, but I waited today to do this video for you guys. I'm really excited for you. I would love to hear how it works for you. Get the program. Learn from it, and then come let me know. Send me an email or message me and let me know. I would love to hear how well it's working for you because it's important. We can work together and collaborate and help each other out.

That's what I got. I hope you picked up a trick or two to help you with your Instagram following boost. Click the link below, and watch the video, and then invest in yourself. Take the time to learn this strategy, and let it work for you. Until next time. We'll see you later. Bye.

See you in my next post,
Cristi Amble

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